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I.   CILINGwas founded in 1991, with professional marketing experience in hair salonproducts dimension.  We insistintegrating professional products in order to offer the best and the latestjournals into our professional products in order to offer the best effect, thegreatest service, the latest fashion information and professional modern newsfor the people in the world.

II.  Due tothe high technology development and the up-grading of living quality, thepeople today are more and more focus on what they see and what they hearinstead of what they really feel and smell from the treasure in the nature.

III.  With complete marketing system andprofessional thoughts, we hope to invite the partners in beauty field to joinour efficient and independent group together. Combining training excellentmanagers with our professional resource, we believe we can create an All-Newcomprehensive alliance in the future.

首席执行官 Ms. Liao shu chuan
成立年份 1991
联系人 Mr. Liao shu chuan
电话 886-7-5544569
传真 --
邮政编码 804
地址 高雄市鼓山区华荣路53号 (map)
业务类型 Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM
主要出口产品 Hair & Scalp Treatments, Shampoo & Conditioners, Skin Cares, Facial Mask.
主要外销市场 ASIA, MID-EAST, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, ROC, Viet Nam
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