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PuriMax Cup (bright green, red) – A Mobile Vitality Water Generator

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PuriMax Cup

Beautifying skin / Strengtheningbody health / Changing Physical quality

" Portable Mobile Water Filter "
" Health Care, Beauty Skin and Anti-aging "

Best Filter Cartridge
1. JMAX-GWC (Producing multifunctionalcompositeadsorption effect)
2. The laser energy Stone
3. The laser energy fiber cotton (produce activated hydrogen atom)
4. Activated carbon

UniqueFiltering Effect

1.Powerfuleffects, filter out 137Cs and 90Sr, which are the mostabundant radiation nuclides in the radioactive contaminated water. (Thestudy report of Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council,Taiwan)

2.Immediately convert your drinking water into weakalkaline, pH9.68 ~ 7.5, healthy water. (SGS test)

3. Immediately convert your drinking water into youthful vitalitywater with low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), less than 150. (SGS test)

4.Furtherremove tap water chlorine, achiving to 94.5%.(SGS test)

5.Reprocessdrinking water, being immediately converted intosmall molecules, hydrogen-rich water, sweet, docile easy to absorb.

6. Filter out harmful heavy metalswhich due to the corrosion of water pipes.

An innovative invention in Taiwan

The world's first, let your drinking waterbecome

alkaline, anti-oxidation and filter outradiation nuclides.

Function and Benefits

A. Improve physical fitness: tochange adverse physical health of acidic constitution.

B. Beautify skin: anti-oxidationand anti-aging.

C. Help improve thesymptoms of hyperacidity and gastroesophageal reflux.

D. Have healthywater to drink.anytime and anywhere, in office or during business trip.

E. Go traveling toJapan, mainland China, southeast Asia, etc., no longer worry about radiationcontaminated drinking water.

No matter wherever you go, with the attached filterholder or the supporting sheet, you may have healthy vitality water in yourfavorite cup.

PuriMax Cup – Portable Vitality WaterGenerator

1. Origin: Taiwan R& D, manufacturing in Taiwan

2. FiltrationVolume: 1,400ml daily for 3 months, thenreplacing a new filter                   cartridge.

3. Heat resistance: your drinkingwater, below 40oC.

4. Preferablyboiled water, or at least clean tap water.

7. The first 1-3 timesfiltration, it may contain black activated carbon. Please don’t drink.

8. If filtration rate slowsdown, cover the lid and then quickly open, the filtration rate may immediatelybe restored.

9. Material: Acrylic(PMMA),PP(Polypropylene), non-toxic, nobisphenol A.

10. Capacity:upload cup 175ml; 350ml cup under

11. Weight: 315g

12. Attachment: filter cartridge supporting sheet.

Fact's Experience

1. The use of legitimate exploitation of Japan, has been tested with a functional stonedevelopment, and manufacturing of laser energy.

2. Taking part in 2006 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs technological research developmentproject  "antioxidant SPA watergenerator" promoting plans.

3. Commissioned National Taiwan University Hospital for cooperation plan, "Detectinganti-oxidation efficacy of energy-stone's producing H3O2."

4. The co-inventors patent number: No. 1331544,patent name "The filters that produce anti-oxidation  and multifunctional adsorption effect.”

Hearty Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Taipei,Taiwan

Website: E-mail:

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