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PuriMax Cup – A Mobile Vitality Water Generator

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    Taiwan, ROC

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PuriMax Cup

Has a "home water filters feature accompanying cup convenient"

" Portable Mobile Water Filter "
" Health Care and Anti-aging "

" PuriMax Cup "  Let  You  ......

Stand a Full Vitality Day, Establish a Healthy Lifetime. 

"Best Cartridge Filter Combination"

2. The laser energy Stone
3. The laser energy fiber cotton (produce activated hydrogen atom)
4. Activated carbon

“Better Your Quality of Life“

 Let your drinking water .......

1. immediately become healthy alkaline (pH 9.6~7.5)Help change your acidic body constitution, improve hyperacidity and gastroesophageal reflux phenomenon.

2. immediately turn into low oxidation reduction potential (O.R.P.=150)Help the body fight free radicals, maintain the best physical and mental youth, health and vitality.

3. immediately change into small molecules of water : Sufficiently supply cell metabolism use.

4. immediately be heavy metals free : Filter out heavy metal contamination which possibly due to corrosion of pipes.

5. immediately free from radionuclides : An innovative green product help remove radiation nuclides, Cs 137 and  Sr 90,as in Fukushima (Japan) nuclear power plant disaster.

"Facts Experience"

1. The use of legitimate exploitation of Japan, has been tested with a functional stonedevelopment, and manufacturing of laser energy.

2. Taking part in 2006 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs technological research developmentproject  "antioxidant SPA watergenerator" promoting plans.

3. Commissioned National Taiwan University Hospital for cooperation plan, "Detectinganti-oxidation efficacy of energy-stone's producing H3O2."

4. The co-inventors patent number: No. 1331544,patent name "The filters that produce anti-oxidation  and multifunctional adsorption effect.”

1. Materials: polypropylene, JMAX-GMC, activated carbon
2. Height:
19.1 cm, Diameter: 9.4 cm (top) 6.4 cm (bottom)
3. Volume:
175 ml (up load) 350 ml (receiving)
4. Usage:

a. In the absence of sterilization function, at least clean tap water can be used directly, preferably by the use of boiled water, bottled water or boiled  water of dispenser, and below 40C(104F)   

b. When starting filtration, pull out the filter booster pad from the bottom of receiving cup and insert the pad in the mouth of the cup, then putting the water treatment group (upload & filter part) on the pad. When finished, return the pad to the receiving cup. 

c. Initial use, please fill in the date on the cup lid round sticker, 1400 ml daily, use period of three months.  

d. When  initial use, the first filtration may have black activated carbon come out. It's normal and don't drink.  

e. If filtration becomes too slow, cover the cup lid, then opening it immediately. 

f. When complete filtration, the upload & filter part can be temporarily placed on the cup lid. 

g. To carry out, make sure with a good combination spin and cover with lid to prevent pollution.

It's an " Innovative Mobile Vitality Water Generator " :  Working, making tea, taking medicine, traveling are always ready to get healthy energizer water. Any time and any where to care your drink water.

" The necessary preparations, the absolute heath protection ".  After Fukushima nuclear disaster, traveling in Japan, assured your water drinking? Bring a PuriMax Cup,  traveling to Japan isn't afraid to drink the water with radionuclides contamination.

Also, traveling with PuriMax Cup, you needn't worry the sanitation of drinking water. In China, southeast Asia countries, even in north Africa or eastern Europe, all have the problems of ground water affected by radiation materials and heavy metals pollution. So that the water inside the hotel or sold out of bottled water allows you to be afraid. PuriMax Cup its filter, JMAX-GWC, being confirmed by the study of Atomic Energy Council ( Executive Yuan, Taiwan), can effectively remove radionuclides of 137 Cs and 90 Sr, the two main water radiation pollution, relieving your concerns about radiation contamination.

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