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Powerful Anti-oxidation Drinking Water Filtration System SX-5

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    Taiwan, ROC

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Powerful Anti-oxidation Drinking Water Filtration SystemMX-25

Top Spring® Life Energy Water System 

Top Spring® Life Energy Water System isthe most state-of-the-art technical product in the world. It produces QuantumHarmonic Oscillator (QHO) through a unique SEH® Super EnergyControl System combined with other technologies, making Top Spring® Life EnergyWater generate exclusive substantial anti-oxidationcapability. For example, black tea or coffee made with Top Spring® Life EnergyWater remain unchanged in taste after 30 minutes, several hours, or even overnightas if they have just been brewed 5 minutes ago, without bitterness. Incontrast, with mineral water, deep sea water, R.O. water, Ionized water,magnetic water, proton water, hydrogen ions water, water out of regularfilters, or general energy water filters, the taste becomes bitter after just5~10 minutes because of oxidation. Furthermore, while penetrating glasses, theQHO can make impure substances in glasses of soy sauce, wine, and vinegarreduce to little. Within 15~ 20 minutes, liquors will attain the same qualityas those made over decades, and the quality won't return to original condition;this function is much greater than that of filters with far-infrared or otherso-called“energy stones”. Only Aizia's Top Spring® Life Energy Water System possessesthis unique function in the world. Through having certified by DevelopmentCenter for Biotechnology (DCB), Taiwan, Top Spring® Life Energy Water iscapable of complementing effect in nutritional supplements.


Other water brands, including mineral water,deep sea water, R.O. water, Ionized water, hydrogen ion water, magnetic water,proton water, water out of regular filters, and general energy water filterscannot present following features from three experiments. However, Only theTop® Spring Life Energy Water System can make it.


1. Black, green tea or coffee made withTop Spring® Life Energy Water remain unchanged in taste after 30 minutes,several hours, or even overnight as if they have just been brewed 5 minutesago, without bitterness. In contrast, with mineral water, deep-sea water, R.O.water, ionized water, magnetic water, proton water, other brands of filteredwater, or filtered energy water, the taste becomes bitter after just 5-10minutes because of oxidation.


2. Immerse a glass of bargain whisky,brandy, Japanese sake, vodka, soy sauce or vinegar in 20-30 times the volume ofTop Spring® Life Energy Water. Incredibly only after 20-30 minutes, the tasteis upgraded to be very smooth to equal that of high-priced counterparts, tothus improve value of liquor, soy sauce, and vinegar. In short, Top Spring®Life Energy Water has an extraordinary function unmatched by other brands ofwater. Place a whole sealed bottle of liquor, soy sauce or vinegar in a bucketwith 20-plus times the volume of Top Spring® Life Energy Water for at least 5hours to improve quality. A 6-year old "Johnnie Walker" Red Label canbe upgraded to 21-years or better for amazing qualitative, value improvement.


3. Soak sea shrimps in tap water and TopSpring® Life Energy Water for 20 minutes to then store in freezer about onemonth. The heads of shrimps in tap water will have blackened to also smellfishy; but not the heads of shrimps in Top Spring® Life Energy Water. Moreover,the shrimps in Top Spring® Life Energy Water will taste even better than thosejust bought from market.


More than that, with suchelectromagnetic oscillation able to cleanse pesticides on vegetables and fruitsby immersing, even antibiotics and growth hormone in meat and fish will besimilarly cleansed to make such foods less harmful. This allows you to obtainthe healthiest and safest nutrients in food with little expense. Top Spring®Life Energy Water has many unique features which are ready for variousapplications. It can highly improve your living quality.

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