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TiO2 Healthy Mouse

  • 单价 :
    USD 90.00 - USD 90.00 / 件
  • 价格 :
    购买量 价格 备货期
    1-50 USD 90 10 Days
  • 购买量 :
  • 运费 :
  • 总计 :

    USD 90 x 1 =

接受付款方式 :
最后更新日期 : 2012-10-20 20:00:02.0


  • 型号 :

    Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea

  • 产地 :

    Taiwan, ROC

  • 认证 :


TiO2 Health Mouse: Light catalyst〔TiO2〕 TiO2 is a kind of catalyst, which can reduce the energy of chemical reaction and to advance chemical reaction or accelerate reaction, But it won't changed the structure due to chemical reaction. The TiO2 advantages: ◆Germ restraining & germ killing The germ-killing capability is as high as 99.9% through TiO2 air purifier. 1. May kill colon bacillus, green pus germs, staph, mold, festering germs, ringworm germs, fungus, etc. 2. May decompose the allergic elements in the air, restrain allergic diseases & asthma and decompose insignia germs. ◆De-stink(decomposing organic gas) Oxyhydrogen gene produced due to TiO2 may first destroy the energy key of organic gas and turn it into single gas molecule. Nowadays, the pollution sources resulted from 1. The chloride removing odor in the tap water, the moldy smell of organic material and the cancer-leading material (methane bichloride) resulted from the combination of chloride & organic material in the water. 2. Hydrocarbon such as NH3, CH3CHO and CH3CHOH from burning cigarette 3. Formalin (preservative) emitted by furniture, wallpaper, and construction materials. 4. NOX produced from the incomplete burning of motor vehicles. Examples:TiO2 was paved on one Japanese highway and the concentration of NOX at the cross has decreased by 70-80%. 5. NH3 ---the combination of urea and germs in the toilet. 6. Petroleum chemical industry, the plastic & rubber processing odor and the rotten smell of vegetables & fruits styrene, ethylene & propylene. 7. The harmful gas volatilized from the organic solvents used in printing, electronics factory and hospitals, toluene, spirit, methanol, etc. 8. Stink from ditch and drainage methionine and vulcanization hydrogen and so on.


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