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We are located in Taiwan, a biotechnologystart-ups and a commodity trading company, In the past 15 years, we haveexclusive agent of Michigan exCel Manufacturing Company, Inc.'s "AFAsamino acid peels" patent medical cosmetic products sold in Taiwan.

Responding to the earth's increasinglywarming and abnormal weather, more and more aggravated water pollution, peopleare in dire need of clean water and healthy vitality drinking water. Afteryears of joint research and development, we innovate a brand new sort of watertreatment material - "JMAX-GWC",world’s first one.

At the same time, due to the earthquake andtsunami occurred Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, causing radiation watercontamination, making Japan and the whole world are even serious concern aboutthe safety of nuclear power plants. Radiation water pollution still threatensnortheastern Japan and Great Tokyo area residents' daily life.

Our Taiwan official laboratory, Institute ofNuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, that isshaped discovery "JMAX-GWC" can effectively remove the two kinds ofnuclear radiation contamination of water: cesium 137Cs and strontium 90Sr.Therefore, the first step, we design and manufacture "PuriMax Cup",hoping the product can enhance personal safety of drinking water, the firstopen water promote health concept.

OurBrand Positioning: For human to create a more healthy, clean, safe drinkingwater.

OurMission Statement: Clean and safe drinking water for people to live healthy.

OurVision Statement: The guardian of human health care

Hearty Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Brand PuriMax Year Established 2013
CEO Mr. Thomas Lee URL(1) http://www.heartybio.com
Contact Mr. Thomas Lee URL(2)
Email thomas@heartybio.com Postal code 112
Tel(1) 886-2-28218765 Address 6F, 261, Mingde Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei city, Taiwan (map)
Fax(1) 886-2-28211602 Business Type Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM, ODM, Wholesaler, Distributor
Main Export Products PuriMax Cup Main Export Market Mainland China
Approval / Certification Overseas Branches / Factories

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PuriMax Cup (bright green, red) – A Mobile Vitality Water Generator

$200.00-200.00 / Pack (10 Piece(s))

Approx. TWD 5,792-5,792

Min. Order : 1 Pack (10 Piece(s))

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