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Induction voltage regulator stabilizer-200KVA~30000KVA

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Item specifics

  • Origin :

    Taiwan, ROC

  • Certification :

    CE;ISO 9001

Structure Features:

It consists of IVR (carbonbrushless regulator). It’s similar to the transformer which stator and rotorinduction, adjustment of phase angel, contact-free and non-section during theloading. It’s called Induction Voltage Stabilizer because it uses a linearityof compared logic circuit, detecting output voltage make it automatically stablepower and balance voltage.



1.   Madeaccording to the theory of electromagnetic induction; no touch, no carbon brushabrasion, no sparkle; low failure rate, high safety, no maintenance and change;overcoming the defect of carbon brush voltage regulating type ofautotransformer.

2.   Making useof magnetic field deflection to stabling voltage, no phase skipping, linearvoltage regulation, no tap surging, and no wave form mutation; overcoming thedefect of digital silicon control machine.


1. Interior consists of brushless type components : Long time usage

2. Control board w/ precies logic circuit& components: Output Accuracy is +/-1%

3. Protection: Current & short circuit protection, Loss & Reversing protection, output   over voltage & low voltag protection, Over temp. protection

4. "Taiwan China Steel Co.", high magnet flux stainless sheet, minimize the loss of no load & load loss, and no-load loss.

5. Module design: easy to do the maintenance.

6. Alarming system for :surge voltage, over-low voltage, overload, out of gas and loss phase and etc; the cause of breakdown will indicate on the panel.

7. Induction type can be manufacturer over 10,000KVA


Frequency: 57Hz~63Hz

2. Input Voltage Range: ±15(±20%~50%, OEM acceptable)

3. Output Accuracy:±1%(±0.5%~±10% is acceptable)

4. Reaction:0.1 sec.

5. Wave form Distortion: Sine Wave isn't distorted

6. Effiency:97%

7. Overload Capacity: 150% 120 min.; 300% 60 min.

8. Noice: <60db, Temp.: -20℃~45℃, Humidity: 0~95%

9.Temp. Rise: under 50℃


1. Automatic, Electronic, Manual adjustment

2. Step-up time adjustment (0.1 ~ 0.5 minute available)

3. Step-down time adjustment (0.1 ~ 0.5 minute available)



1. Input / Ouput: 380V or 400V or 415V, 3ф4W

2. Input voltage range: ±15%

3. Output voltage range: ±1%

4. Frequency : 50HZ or 60HZ



1. Efficiency: Over 97%

2. Temperature Up:50

3. Made of Taiwan Steel H10 high magnet flux siliconstainless sheet.

(decrease no-load loss, load loss, and no-load currentand save electricity)

4. Reaction time: 0.1 second

5. Total waveform distortion: 1%

6. Three phase abnormal indicator

7. Panel indication: input voltage, output voltage, loadcurrent displayed by LED.

8. Stable Output Voltage: control board w/precise logiccircuit & components,

ensure supplies exact output voltage.

9. Strong and durable: Interior consists of inductionvoltage regulator,

it with brushless type components, so none damage causedeven long term usage.

10. When 1. Input over high/low voltage / 2.loss phase& reversing phase / 3.current limit & circuit

(Warning by buzzer and displayed by LED)

11. Noise : 60db, Temperature: -20~40, Humidity: 0~95%

12. High reliability: Strict QC before ex factory, tomake sure quality.

Our company product’s quality, structure and temperatureall better than the horizontal standard.

1-1. Interior use of Taiwan H10 high magnet flux siliconstainless sheet,

get down no load loss/load loss/no load current loss tothe minimum and get power loss to the least.

1-2. Interior winding use of well resistant- H classinternal material,

get down whole machine damage, and low temperature, alsosave electricity.

1-3. Interior main spindle material use of none-magneticconductibility and stainless steel,

avoid of main spindle vortex loss, reduce magnetichysteresis loss and add to durable years.

1-4. Interior insulation material use of well resistant& high safety -H class insulation material.


  • Please reference the catologue in attachment.

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