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Around the year 2000, I began to realize that wholesalers were placing my father in aposition where he had to sell his fruits at drastically reduced prices comparedto market values available.  A similarsituation was being forced on many orchardists and this lack of respect fortheir hard work was beginning to take its toll on their livelihood and way oflife.

Firstly,I engaged several research institutions for the development of advanced farmingtechnology.  With their help, I spentthree years researching and developing homeopathic techniques, allowing me to brew vinegars with the fruits from our own orchards.  This led me to establish “Nature BrewBiological Technology Co. Ltd”.  We are now committed to adding value to our produce by making natural, safe and high-quality vinegar from the fruits we grow ourselves.


Our two orchards are located respectively in the Taiping and Wufong Districts inTaichung.  We cultivate a wide range ofplants throughout the year: In spring we plant perilla; summer, roselle; autumn,marjoram; and in winter lavender.  Priorto me taking charge, my father had already tended the orchards for thirty years. Under his care, no pesticides orchemical-based fertilizers were ever used.  I inherited from my father both the orchardsand his passion for chemical-free farming methods and still grow all our rawmaterials without chemical intervention.

The production process of thevinegar

Our commitment to making healthy vinegars prompted us to employ the static culturemethod.  This is the only method that weare comfortable using, although it requires longer times for fermentation andhigher costs.

These days, most people live stressful lifestyles, which can jeopardize their health. “Nature Brew’ insists on using entirelyself-grown fruits and natural processes for our vinegars to ensure we providesome balance with products that are 100% health promoting for our customers.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to enjoy of our carefully brewed vinegars.

Brand Enzyme vinegar
CEO Mr. 曾奕騰
Year Established 2003
Contact Mr. Tseng yi teng
Tel 886-4-25664599
Fax 886-4-25693359
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Zip Code 428
Address No.9, Ln. 111, Sec. 3, Minsheng Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 42844, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (map)
Business Type Exporter, Manufacturer, OEM, ODM
Main Export Product Enzyme vinegar Fruit enzymes
Approval / Certification TUV, CAS ORGANIC