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De Shannon really care ingredients [Designer de smells]

  • Unit Price :
    USD 7.08 - USD 12.74 / Pack (600 Gram(s))
  • Price :
    Quantity Price Processing time
    1-50 USD 12.74 7 Days
    51-100 USD 11.32 7 Days
    101-300 USD 9.9 7 Days
    301-500 USD 8.49 10 Days
    501-1000 USD 7.08 10 Days
  • Quantity :
     Pack (600 Gram(s))
  • Shipping Cost :

    Free Shipping

  • Total Price :

    USD 12.74 x 1 =

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Last Updated : 2016-09-23 10:11:27.0

Item specifics

  • Material :


  • Origin :

    Taiwan, ROC

Designerde smells Drawings used by Yang Yu House hearth, Dou Jin Fu, taiji, Japan, rubvegetarian dumplings, glutinous rice balls, solution concept of Asahi Bank logo

 Writinggood knot Designer de verse a broad

JinDou Jin Geng Fukuda

[1]   Figure document Yang jade House heavenfurnace is Taiwan central area famous Temple, by Temple main God "JadeGod" commonly known as "Heaven", the temple since built Temple48 years to has been maintained only plug in the furnace big Gong Xiang, thisheaven furnace is Taiwan maximum heaven furnace, Temple annual Lunar end (areor Yuan) earlier this month a to ninth day pilgrims packed to this < Annlamp and too the lamp > and blessing , The ninth day of "Jade EmperorGod" longevity with Qi-life turtle activities up to 30 pounds, and waseven up to the Holy Grail for merit and later 13-15 day is the birthday of thefirst month of "the three Lordly" law, June was "the GuanyinBuddha enlightenment day" and open method of base-year, October is"the three Lordly" disaster laws.

 [2]to Temple blessing seeking day into bucket gold, more to wide knot good marginmore work Fukuda is stretches Fu reported, how of industry solutions causePro-scores solutions knot, according to section instrument line merit to this backto cause Pro-creditors, seeking Temple "main God and Dharma God" ofhelp more needed has de this, plus according to "main God" indicatesYu method will in the take pigment cast number, take all good to help yousolutions cause knot, and you itself also to solutions several representativeheart knot, these pigment cast must Slipknot to unlock cannot knot.

 [3]the temple to dumplings with mankind ate dumpling soup is another layer ofmeaning which is another instrument of reconciliation, they ate the dumplingsround is here to help you make some unpleasant back each other happy.


[4] the textlines forming good relationships and the work Fukuda can fail to protect you ,into gold by a lot of people expected , but Fukuda when blessing costs , Fukudadid last you?

   Ingredients: livistona chinensis, sterculic,Salvia, five red pines, pomegranate, Qi Li Xiang, Hackberry, nine Xiong,hyacinth bamboo, Guanzhong, inhale, my art, and licorice, moreover, Guizhi,ciwujia, blood smells good, aloes powder plant, leaf and ground.


Function:worship and the worship of ancestors, Meridian Health incense therapy

Weight withpacking: the sweet feet 6and the6 hour plum Gong Xiang, and12 hours of thespiral Gong Xiang and the40 minute aroma Tower half a catty of loading.

Price: per kgmarket price of NT $ 450 million 80 Yuan

Incense Tower36 into each market price of NT $ 360 million 72 

Chinacross-border < first bank received micro-credit money - third-party payment> has opened a shopping cart, see the Web site searchanother site http://syuguan.en.taiwantrade.comand < paypal, tenpay, cupcard > scheduled 2016/09/20 Opened after the shopping cart, online shoppersdelivered by air freight and inland freight logistics (Wanda, SF ) deliveryborne by shoppers, and other related duties or mail to tax by the shoppersthemselves.

 Xu viewwebsite: and  

And tel:886-4756-9251 fax:886-4755-8781

FACEBOOKSearching for Xu-view platform


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ReturnPolicy According to ConsumerProtection Law, ASAHI WATCH COMPANY accepted consumer to return from thereceipt of goods within seven days, if it exceeds this period deemed completeacceptance shall not return.

Please note the following

 Our company providesdoor-to-door service within seven days. seven days warranty period.

When you received thegoods, please inspect immediately. if you find the damage of non-human factors,scratched and incomplete packaging caused by transport, please notify thecustomer service as soon as possible, we will carry out of identificationdefective products, and new products will be sent to you quickly.

customers who need returnor exchange, please e-mail or call us, and offer the order number, return orreplacement reason, your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

 If you ordered themerchandise is not defective and you want to return, the returned merchandisemust be new,including major commodities, manuals, registration reply, thesurrounding parts, together with the original packaging be returned, otherwiseASAHI WATCH COMPANY refuse to accept the return.

  If goods due to improper useof personal disassembly produce failure caused by human factors, damage, wear,abrasion, scratch, dirty, damaged packaging are incomplete, or invoice,accessories and parts were missing, the return will not be accepted.

Ifthe product itself is defective or shipping process leads to defects, it can bereplaced within 7 days.

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