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Pak really fragrant(Static Qi An Bozhen sweet)36 into

  • Unit Price :
    USD 4.72 - USD 8.50 / Pack (36 Unit(s))
  • Min. Order: 1 Pack (36 Unit(s))

    Max. Order: 300 Pack (36 Unit(s))

  • Price :
    Quantity Price Processing time
    1-50 USD 8.5 7 Days
    51-100 USD 7.55 7 Days
    101-300 USD 6.6 7 Days
  • Quantity :
     Pack (36 Unit(s))
  • Shipping Cost :
  • Total Price :

    USD 8.5 x 1 =

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Item specifics

  • Material :


  • Origin :

    Taiwan, ROC

Pakreally fragrant 

[1]"Lishan basking mother", and "bucket basking Wallace" isTaoist < promise territories - congenital God >, in history in the manyactive State will phase more by its set-up as Tang fan, for its home when theyShi Feng work Albert by million people respect, to health Hou sale peopleincense worship will phase, many with he are has causes or early its doorpulse, and "Lishan basking mother Yin breaks by" and " Statue ofinnate and Qi Canon for the nine emperors "is reserved for peoplepracticing textbook, its door of compulsory lessons.

 [2]"Lishan basking mother Yin breaks by" this Department by is"Lishan basking mother" students compulsory, "Xuan days Godgolden rule Canon" is "Xuan days God" students compulsory,, and"Guan Gong June sleep world Canon" is "Guan Gong June"students compulsory, also because he are by is responsible for cleanup roadworks, according to by pursues learn classic spirit and precepts, more is Trekin the Ming de broken bitter to Bank lamp, and "Xuan days God golden ruleCanon" more is net Qi nursing de parking dock guide needle.

[3]"Li Mu yin break" this was his protégé, in adaily ordeal NET zu compass can let your heart be fitted; "Mother Buddhabirth Qi Canon for the nine emperors" this Sutra is his student, in thesea of the sea can allow you to trek in the Park Guide. 

[4]this formulation but also for "Li Mu Mu" NET when qi is with heart byheart, can help you NET Zu Tuifu and interference sources.


  by An Bozhen sweet + Designer de delicious + save c bone+ bidet evil smells + new yamaga + sandalwood oil and so on.

1An Bozhenflavor components: livistona chinensis, hyacinth bamboo, arborvitae seed,Golden Shower Tree, Tung tree, Cypress, wood cast, root, trema, mount Brown,Snapdragon, blood smells and so on. Features: NET Jude and cleaning up, Yincharacter villain back and five ghost-ridden private.

2 designerGerman ingredient: walnut, and willows, and sterculic, chuanxiong,notopterygium, dark art, blood smells, flemingia macrophylla, gourd and bamboo,frankincense, arborvitae seed, Cypress, Snapdragon, fennel, sandalwood combo.Feature: thanks to the consolidation phase in early foshen private, sittingRotary gas and the villain, net progenitor of worshipping ancestors,purification field.

3purification really incense components: walnut, and citronella, and leaves, andLotus, and MO grass, and Mulberry leaves, and pomegranate, and Qi Li incense,and gourd bamboo, and Gan Lan, and livistona chinensis, and nine Xiong, andApple Po, and through all, and shansuying, and thorn five added, and figwort,and stone calamus, and PRIVET child, and I art, and drop really incense, andGan Song, and new mountain incense, and Aloes pumping oil powder, composition.

 Saved bitterC3 components: ape tail vine, and white thousand layer, and disc grass, andclay ox seven, and wood thief, and Mint, and bi Xie, and chuanxiong, and alonelive, and cocklebur child, and yellow fine, and wujiapi, and hook vine, andrice tree, and big fennel, and nine Xiong, and vine Jing child, and Mulberryleaves, and Tiger rod, and Gan Lan, and summary Atsuko, and Habitat, and forestvoted root, and livistona chinensis, and Lu bamboo root, and Xin Yi, and silverAcacia, and I art, and night make vine, and Tribulus terrestris, and haoben,and dogwood, and frankincense, and Shi Husui, and tea, composition, for familytotal industry head disease conditioning.

<1>  State sweet feet 6 feet 3, and Gong Xiang (3or 4), and6 hours, market price per pound NT$ 500 Yuan.

<2> 40minute aroma Tower half a catty of market value per package  NT$ 500 Yuan.

 <3> 40 minute aromaTower 36 into each box of 300 Yuan.

Xu viewwebsite: and  

And tel:886-4756-9251 fax:886-4755-8781

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ReturnPolicy According to ConsumerProtection Law, ASAHI WATCH COMPANY accepted consumer to return from thereceipt of goods within seven days, if it exceeds this period deemed completeacceptance shall not return.

Please note the following

 Our company providesdoor-to-door service within seven days. seven days warranty period.

When you received thegoods, please inspect immediately. if you find the damage of non-human factors,scratched and incomplete packaging caused by transport, please notify thecustomer service as soon as possible, we will carry out of identificationdefective products, and new products will be sent to you quickly.

customers who need returnor exchange, please e-mail or call us, and offer the order number, return orreplacement reason, your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

 If you ordered themerchandise is not defective and you want to return, the returned merchandisemust be new,including major commodities, manuals, registration reply, thesurrounding parts, together with the original packaging be returned, otherwiseASAHI WATCH COMPANY refuse to accept the return.

  If goods due to improper useof personal disassembly produce failure caused by human factors, damage, wear,abrasion, scratch, dirty, damaged packaging are incomplete, or invoice,accessories and parts were missing, the return will not be accepted.

Ifthe product itself is defective or shipping process leads to defects, it can bereplaced within 7 days.

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