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Taiwan Bridge more light rice

  • Unit Price :
    USD 45.00 - USD 70.00 / Pack (10 Piece(s))
  • Min. Order: 1 Pack (10 Piece(s))

    Max. Order: 5000 Pack (10 Piece(s))

  • Price :
    Quantity Price Processing time
    1-30 USD 70 3 Days
    31-50 USD 65 5 Days
    51-100 USD 60 7 Days
    101-500 USD 55 10 Days
    501-1000 USD 50 15 Days
    1001-5000 USD 45 20 Days
  • Quantity :
     Pack (10 Piece(s))
  • Shipping Cost :
  • Total Price :

    USD 70 x 1 =

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Payment Method :
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Last Updated : 2017-07-22 10:45:08.0

Item specifics

  • Packaging :

    Vacuum Pack

  • Origin :

    Taiwan, ROC

 Taiwan Bridge more light rice

The more light rice isimported from Japan, Taiwan rice varieties, rice elasticity, sticky drysweetness are just fine, rice with a glossy sense of transparency, thevarieties of rice, in the Japanese era, is the emperor imperial tribute Meters,the more light meters of rice quality and taste can be seen in general. Themore light rice rice than the average rice fiber is weak, easy to plant whenthe impact of wind and rain to reduce the yield, the harvest is about twothirds of the general good rice, and therefore the more light the price of riceis usually higher, no wonder this rice Is the "emperor imperial tributerice", not spend a little money can not buy.

 Inthe late 1980s, Chairman Chen Junxiong, chairman of Taiwan's "LujianMilling Rice Plant," brought Yueguangmiwangzhuang to Changhua Erlin forthe first three years. In the early three years, due to acclimatization andtechnical problems, the work of Taizhong District, Taizhong District, LuoZhengzong two doctors to introduce scientific farming method, found that themore light rice rice rods if a large number of fertilization easy to lodgingcaused farming failure, it must be actuarial fertilization time and weight, andlater finally planted success, named "bridge meters." Swept the worldmore than half a century more light meters, the only professional cultivationby Taiwan, the most professional, the most senior, the largest team production.Yue light rice surface glossy, taste Q play delicious, grainy, cold rice isalso delicious. The more light rice food performance is stable, excellent,suitable for making sushi, rice and fine rice dishes, and the application of awide range of dishes, designated for the chef selection of rice.

<1>Bridge CAS more light meters per package 1KG (Koshihikari Rice 1KG) 10 pack percase,Outer box 40 (H) x26 (W) x19 (D) Gross weight (G. W.) 11KG Unopened for 12months at room temperature,Market price per box FOB USD $ 70.0 yuan(1) orderless than 30 boxes per box USD $ 70.0 yuan(2) order 30 ~ 50 boxes per box USD $65.0 yuan(3) order 50 ~ 100 boxes per box USD $ 60.0 yuan

(4)order 100 ~ 500 boxes per box USD $ 55.0 yuan(5) order 500 ~ 1000 boxes per boxUSD $ 50.0 yuan(6) order 1000 ~ 5000 boxes per box USD $ 45.0 yuan.


<2>Bridge CAS top more light meters per package 1.5KG (Koshihikari Rice 1.5KG) 10pack per case,Outer box 50 (H)x28 (W) x26 (D) Gross weight (G. W.) 16KG Unopened for 12 months at roomtemperature,Market price per box FOB USD $ 100.0

 <3>Bridge CAS more light rice per pack 3KG (Koshihikari Rice 3KG) 10 pack percase,Outer box 51 (H) x36 (W) x28 (D) Gross weight (G. W.) 31KG Unopened for 12months at room temperature,Market price per box FOB USD $ 140.0(1) order lessthan 30 boxes per box USD $ 140.0 yuan(2) order 30 ~ 50 boxes per box USD $130.0 yuan(3) order 50 ~ 100 boxes per box USD $ 120.0 yuan(4) order 100 ~ 500boxes per box USD $ 110.0 yuan(5) order 500 ~ 1000 boxes per box USD $ 105.0yuan(6)order 1000 ~ 5000 boxes per box USD $ 98.0 yuan.


<4>Rice house more light ten grain rice to harsh taste tasting, to reconcile themore light brown rice and a variety of beneficial human grains, including:purple glutinous rice, red rice, sorghum rice, mung bean, red lentils, oatmeal,buckwheat, red Wheat and cereals. Which in particular the selection of morelight brown rice as the main raw materials, so that the raw health of the meal,has become a high taste and delicious enjoyment of the delicacies. Each pack1KG (Koshihikari Mix Grains Rice 1KG) 10 pack per case,Outer box 38 (H) x26 (W)x20 (D) Gross weight (G. W.) 11KG Unopened for 12 months at room temperature,Marketprice per box FOB USD $ 75.0(1) order less than 30 boxes per box USD $ 75.0yuan(2) order 30 ~ 50 boxes per box USD $ 70.0 yuan(3) order 50 ~ 100 boxes perbox USD $ 65.0 yuan(4) order 100 ~ 500 boxes per box USD $ 60.0 yuan

(5)order 500 ~ 1000 boxes per box USD $ 55.0 yuan(6) order 1000 ~ 5000 boxes perbox USD $ 50.0 yuan.

Calculate your shipping cost by country/region and quantity.

Quantity : Pack (10 Piece(s)) , Ship to :
Shipping Company Shipping Cost Estimated Delivery Time
Accepted payment method Currency
pay_card TWD
Alipay TWD
Tenpay TWD
UnionPay TWD

ReturnPolicy According to ConsumerProtection Law, ASAHI WATCH COMPANY accepted consumer to return from thereceipt of goods within seven days, if it exceeds this period deemed completeacceptance shall not return.

Please note the following

 Our company providesdoor-to-door service within seven days. seven days warranty period.

When you received thegoods, please inspect immediately. if you find the damage of non-human factors,scratched and incomplete packaging caused by transport, please notify thecustomer service as soon as possible, we will carry out of identificationdefective products, and new products will be sent to you quickly.

customers who need returnor exchange, please e-mail or call us, and offer the order number, return orreplacement reason, your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

 If you ordered themerchandise is not defective and you want to return, the returned merchandisemust be new,including major commodities, manuals, registration reply, thesurrounding parts, together with the original packaging be returned, otherwiseASAHI WATCH COMPANY refuse to accept the return.

  If goods due to improper useof personal disassembly produce failure caused by human factors, damage, wear,abrasion, scratch, dirty, damaged packaging are incomplete, or invoice,accessories and parts were missing, the return will not be accepted.

Ifthe product itself is defective or shipping process leads to defects, it can bereplaced within 7 days.

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