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Papaya milk powder

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    Taiwan, ROC

    Papaya milk powder

    Papaya milk powder [forest farmlandspecialty]

ProductSpecifications: Packing: tank capacity: 750 grams / cans

     Product Description: Linxiang Townshipfresh room papaya production, healthy and delicious, mellow and rich, goodnutrition good absorption.


     Papaya is the most important economic cropin Linxiang Township. The farmers in the forest will adopt fresh papaya, wholemilk powder, tomato juice concentrate, dehydrated glucose, maltodextrin, maltextract, wheat flour (wheat, oat) Soybeans, jujube, etc., made of brewable"Hong Kong papaya milk", is a papaya milk integrated cereal mealpackage, smell aromatic, very good taste, is the forest farmers will vigorouslypromote the health of food, inexpensive.


    Papaya milk can be fat decomposition intofatty acids; according to modern medicine found that papaya contains an enzymethat can digest the protein, is conducive to the body of food digestion andabsorption, and therefore have the effect of spleen and digestion. Milkcontains a lot of vitamin A, can effectively prevent the skin dry and dull, sothat the skin white, shiny, long-term consumption helps metabolism. Papayacontains the role of milk through the milk, papaya papaya is known as"hundred fruit king," said. Papaya warm taste acid, flat liver andstomach, Shujin network, live bones, lower blood pressure.


     Papaya milk more effective, withanti-insecticide, the role of desalination melanin. This is because papain andpapaya with anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis and parasite effect, it can be usedfor insecticide anti-tuberculosis. Milk contains milk in the elimination ofmelanin has a very good effect, can prevent a variety of pigmentation caused bythe stain.


     Papaya is also rich in more than 17 kindsof amino acids and a variety of nutrients; which contains the fruit is a liverwith anti-liver enzyme, anti-inflammatory antibacterial, lower blood lipids andother effects of the compound. The study also found that papaya has the abilityto prevent carcinogenic substances from nitrosamines. Papaya in the highcontent of vitamin C is actually Apple's 48 times! Eat with a flat liver andstomach, Shujin live Luo, soften blood vessels, anti-bacterialanti-inflammatory, anti-aging Yan, anti-cancer anti-cancer, enhance the healthof the body effect; A nutrient-rich, there are hundred benefits and no harm tothe fruit of the treasures. But also has the effect of anti-lymphoid leukemia;milk calcium is very easy to be absorbed by the body, but also containspotassium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals. So papaya milk with milk,slow down the effectiveness of bone loss Oh. Papaya milk with a veryreasonable, Xiao Bian recommended menopause before and after the middle-agedwomen often drink



   Papaya is rich in protein, vitamins,minerals and high levels of enzymes, can reasonably add to the human body allkinds of essential nutrients. Eliminate the body of toxins and other toxins,purify the blood, liver dysfunction and hyperlipidemia, hypertension has acontrol effect. The unique papaya enzyme can help digestion, prevention andtreatment of constipation, the efficiency of the decomposition of the case isparticularly large, known as the "sacrifice of a scalpel", with theability to break the hi-shaped necrotic cells can prevent the digestive systemcancer. Balanced, and strengthen the physiological and metabolic balance ofhormones in adolescents and pregnant women during pregnancy, reduce facialspots, pigmentation, acne production, can dilute the generated stains, darkspots, moisturizing beauty, and has a clear breast effect The


    PapayaMilk Powder 750g / pot Price per pot USD $ 25.0 6 cartons per box (1) Order 1to 5 boxes / 30 cans USD $ 25 per pot(2)order up to 30 cans USD $ 23.0 per tank(3) order up to 60 cans USD $ 20.0 pertank(4) order up to 150 cans USD $ 18.0 per tank(5) Order up to 300 cans USD $16.0 per tank(6) Order up to 510 cans USD $ 14.0 per tank(7) Order up to 1,000cans USD $ 12.0 per tank(8) Order up to 3,000 cans USD $ 10.0 per pot.

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