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Acanthopanax tea bag

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    Herbal Tea

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    Taiwan, ROC

Acanthopanaxtea bag

   Acanthopanax (scientific name:Eleutherococcus senticosus), a kind of deciduous shrub of the five plus five genera,also known as the five ginseng, Russian ginseng, Siberian ginseng, tigerginseng, mainly distributed in northeastern Asia, Siberia area. Its roots andrhizomes can be inserted into the name of the alias thorn sticks (Liaoning soilname), Campan stick (Jilin soil name), one hundred (Hebei Xinglong soil name),tiger flood (Hebei Zhuolu soil name).


    Growinghabits were born in the forest or shrub, the elevation of several hundredmeters to 2000 meters. Hi warm and humid climate, cold, resistant to shade.Should choose the sun, deep humus layer, soil slightly acidic sandy loam. Seedshave embryo after the maturation, embryo to go through the shape of mature andphysiological ripening before germination. Geographic distribution in thedistribution of Heilongjiang (Xiaoxing'anling, Yichun City Ling), Jilin (JilinCity, Tonghua, Antu, Changbai Mountain. Jingyu), Liaoning (Shenyang), Hebei(Wuling Mountain, Chengde, Baihua Mountain, ) And Shanxi (Huo County,Zhongyang, Xingxian). North Korea, Japan, the Soviet Union and Taiwan are alsodistributed, Taiwan varieties of hairy clover five plus, mainly distributed ineastern Taiwan Huadong area and Hualien people.


Historical records recordedin the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", as top grade. Top grade is non-toxic,Jiufu can be light, longevity and harmless Acanthopanax from ancient times isseen as a fine marrow and anti-aging effect of medicine. The name of the fiveCanadian Senate, the original produced in the mountains of HeilongjiangProvince, local soil known as "tiger", in Japan is called shrimpYiwu, and in the former Soviet Union, also known as Siberian ginseng. Ming LiShizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica," said Acanthopanax to fiveleaves to pay those who good, named five plus, also known as five flowers. Fiveplus governance rheumatism, strong bones and bones, its power and good, rathera five plus, not Jinyu full car, and "the article for wine, into itstaste, gold to buy grass, without saying" Made a high praise."Doctors Do not record" that five plus "fill in, Yijing, strongbones, strong will" and other effects. Acanthopanax in the "Practicalnourishing Chinese medicine book" records, are qi medicine, with tonic andweak effect, can come to the prevention or treatment of physical weakness ofthe symptoms, nourishing strong, longevity.


     GreatSnow Mountain Acanthopanax (30 packs)

ProductCode: 4713327069068

ProductSpecifications: 3 grams * 30 packs

Mainraw materials: Acanthopanax

 Shelf life: 2 years

 Nutritional mark: (every 100 grams)

Heat107.6 kcal

 Protein 2.0 g

 Fat 6.0 grams

 Saturated fat 0 grams

 Trans fats 0 grams

 Carbohydrate 26 grams

 Sodium 55 mg


SnowMountain Acacia plus tea (30 packs) Price per box FOB USD $ 25.0 per box 12boxes(1) order 1 ~ 5 boxes per box US $ 300.0 yuan(2) order 6 ~ 25 boxes perbox US $ 270.0 yuan(3) order 26 ~ 50 boxes per box US $ 240.0 yuan(4) order 51~ 8 boxes per box US $ 210.0 yuan(5) order 86 ~ 250 boxes per box US $ 180.0yuan.


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