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Taste life gift box

  • Unit Price :
    USD 106.63 - USD 194.84 / Pack (1 Set(s))
  • Min. Order: 1 Pack (1 Set(s))

    Max. Order: 3000 Pack (1 Set(s))

  • Price :
    Quantity Price Processing time
    1-50 USD 194.84 5 Days
    51-100 USD 176.64 10 Days
    101-300 USD 155.8 15 Days
    301-500 USD 136.34 20 Days
    501-1000 USD 116.64 25 Days
    1001-3000 USD 106.63 30 Days
  • Quantity :
     Pack (1 Set(s))
  • Shipping Cost :
  • Total Price :

    USD 194.84 x 1 =

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Last Updated : 2018-07-22 16:46:43.0

Item specifics

  • Origin :

    Taiwan, ROC

Asahi Watch Company  Taste life gift box

   Dayu Ling Oolong 150g + Lushan Oolong 150g + Shulin Ling Oolong 150g + a pot of ancient pit farmers follicular coffee 6gX8 package + refreshing foot bath package 15gX5 + energy magnetic field conversion Footbath package 15gx6 + Tianxiang auspicious soap 100g a box + fortune soap 125g a box

  Each group of market price NT $ 5,845 yuan RMB 1,299 yuan USD $ 194.84 yuan.

         <1> Dayu teaarea has a large temperature difference between day and night, the soil is richin organic matter, the produced Dayu tea has leaf thick, strong pectin, clearfrost, heavy mountain gas and strong laryngeal smell, This unique flavor makeslove tea people rush. 


<2> LishanOolong tea: Lishan tea are usually made of semi-fermented tea, which iscommonly known as oolong tea. Generally flattened oolong tea fermentation 30 ~60%, alpine tea is between 15% ~ 35%, usually the higher the altitude thelighter the degree of fermentation done. More fermentation more tea color willbe deeper. 


<3> ShanlinRiver Oolong Tea Area is Taiwan's three major mountain tea areas. The ShirinRiver Alpine Tea is produced in the 1500 to 1800 meter high mountains and isthe top mountain tea area in Taiwan. 


<4> Ancient PitFarmer's Gabelian follicular coffee: Taiwan's native coffee, sweet and fragrantand not bitter, has its own flavor of Taiwan, belongs to the world's bestcoffee. Ancient pit coffee belonged to the Arabica species. 


<5> refreshingfoot foam bag: We are familiar with the Yongquan and Taichong hole stimulatedby warm, you can play the role of kidney and Liver protection. If you stimulatethe foot of the large intestine reflex zone, but also play a laxative effect.In addition, foot bath to speed up the blood circulation, sweating, not only torelieve fatigue, but also to make certain toxins with sweat discharged. Allingredients: Pearl ,Polygonum cuspidatum, Panax notoginseng, school shell thorn, Kushiro vine, catmustard, yellow cane, salt grass, immortality, red leaves Extension grass,cocklebur, Tribulus terrestris, , Rhizoma Imperatae, Diabetes grass, cattleseven, top ten merit and other components.


<6> energy magneticfield conversion foam foot package ingredients: Lemongrass, wormwood, Hibiscus,Mo grass, mahogany, Willow, Zhang Ye, Qili Xiang, pomegranate, gourd bamboo,Abel, Guanzhong, Mulberry , Hill Gardenia, Cortex Phellodendri, Polygonumcuspidatum, Chinese cedar, Turtle, Passepartout, Acanthopanax senticosus,Lycium, Wolfberry head, Jiuxiong, Grass, the size of thistle, small Kim Young,Sophora root, honeysuckle, Cnidium, eggplant gizzard, Liliqianjin pull, dogridge, Chennai, Malan, and so on, and local herbs as a priority to consider, sothat herbs and prices can be stable Supply, so that consumers do not have toworry about the fluctuations in market prices, while maintaining the marketprice fluctuations at least, to facilitate market acceptance.


<7> "Tianxiang auspicious handmade soap." Ingredients: coconut oil, palmoil, castor oil, amino acids, incense Shannon, sandalwood pumping, Scrophulariaceae,Guizhi, Curcuma and other components.

<8> Fortunesoap Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, amino acids, Chuanxiong powder,Abrasives, Scrop hulariaceae, Acanthopanax, Rhodiola, benzoin, incense,sandalwood and other components. Uses: Wash Yan / bath cleaning, suitable forall skin types



(1) Order Quantity 1~ 50 boxes NT $ 5,845 yuan per box 1,299 RMB yuan USD $ 194.84 yuan.

(2) Quantity 51 ~ 100Packs Price Each NT $ 5,299 yuan RMB 1,177.5 yuan USD $ 176.64 yuan.

(3) Order Quantity101 ~ 300 Each box NT $ 4,676 yuan RMB 1039.0 yuan USD $ 155.8 yuan .4 Order 301 ~ 500 boxes per box NT $ 4,090yuan RMB 908.8 yuan USD $ 136.34 yuan.

(5) Order Quantity501 ~ 1,000 boxes Each box NT $ 3,499 yuan 777.0 yuan USD $ 116.64 yuan6 OrderQuantity 1,001 ~ 3,000 boxes Each box NT $ 3,199 yuan RMB 710.8 yuan USD $106.63 yuan.



Calculate your shipping cost by country/region and quantity.

Quantity : Pack (1 Set(s)) , Ship to :
Shipping Company Shipping Cost Estimated Delivery Time
Accepted payment method Currency
pay_card TWD
Alipay TWD
Tenpay TWD
UnionPay TWD

ReturnPolicy According to ConsumerProtection Law, ASAHI WATCH COMPANY accepted consumer to return from thereceipt of goods within seven days, if it exceeds this period deemed completeacceptance shall not return.

Please note the following

 Our company providesdoor-to-door service within seven days. seven days warranty period.

When you received thegoods, please inspect immediately. if you find the damage of non-human factors,scratched and incomplete packaging caused by transport, please notify thecustomer service as soon as possible, we will carry out of identificationdefective products, and new products will be sent to you quickly.

customers who need returnor exchange, please e-mail or call us, and offer the order number, return orreplacement reason, your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

 If you ordered themerchandise is not defective and you want to return, the returned merchandisemust be new,including major commodities, manuals, registration reply, thesurrounding parts, together with the original packaging be returned, otherwiseASAHI WATCH COMPANY refuse to accept the return.

  If goods due to improper useof personal disassembly produce failure caused by human factors, damage, wear,abrasion, scratch, dirty, damaged packaging are incomplete, or invoice,accessories and parts were missing, the return will not be accepted.

Ifthe product itself is defective or shipping process leads to defects, it can bereplaced within 7 days.

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