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Hemei Town Farmers Association Black Fungus Health Dew (Vegan)

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    USD 1.55 - USD 3.10 / Pack (470 Gram(s))
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    301-500 USD 2.48 12 Days
    501-1000 USD 2.17 15 Days
    1001-3000 USD 1.86 20 Days
    3001-5000 USD 1.55 25 Days
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     Pack (470 Gram(s))
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    Taiwan, ROC

HemeiTown Farmers Association Black Fungus Health Dew (Vegan)

   470ml/bottle(1 box of 24 bottles)


    Chinesepeople have loved black fungus since ancient times. Black fungus containsglial, smooth taste, but also contains acidic polysaccharides can lower bloodfat and cholesterol, black fungus has anti-platelet aggregation in the bloodvessel wall function, can prevent arterial intimal thickening, wall hardeningor calcification. There are as many as nine kinds of anticoagulant substancesin black fungus, which can effectively prevent or dissolve blood clots andrelieve symptoms associated with coronary atherosclerosis. And the blood hasanticoagulation, improve the efficacy of high blood pressure.


       Black fungus is rich in dietary fiberand has 6.5 grams of dietary fiber per 100 grams of black fungus. Soluble fiberin dietary fiber can lower cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, reduce thechance of thrombosis, and can also slow the absorption of sugar and regulateblood glucose concentration.


        Helping to defecate and preventconstipation Rich in insoluble fiber in black edible fungus can increase theamount of feces, promote intestinal motility, serve as intestinal scavenger,and can also reduce the risk of getting colorectal cancer.


        Anticoagulant, reduced risk ofcardiovascular disease Black fungus and anticoagulant substances can reduceplatelet aggregation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This isalso the most important value of black fungus in the field of traditionalChinese medicine, blood circulation, the therapeutic effect of blood.


    Improve immune function like mushroom foods, black fungus also containspolysaccharides, can enhance the body's immune system.


      Weight control Black fungus is rich inpectin, able to swell and produce satiety; and gum will adhere to the stomachwall villi to reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol.


      People with coagulation problemsshould not pay special attention. People with high blood pressure, highcholesterol, and high blood sugar levels are at a higher risk of eating blackfungus. In patients with hemorrhagic stroke, for example, bleeding is urgentlyneeded at the site of brain hemorrhage, but the anticoagulant function of blackfungus may cause the clotting rate to slow down and increase the risk. Slow andincrease risk.


   Taiwan's native natural ingredients, freshblack fungus and high-quality red dates are carefully selected for vacuumsterilization and small-bottle packaging, which is easy to carry and has abetter flavor after refrigeration.


   Ingredients: Water, Taiwan black fungus,rock sugar, red dates, ginger

Quantity:470 ml (ml) Country of origin: Taiwan


Storage:Please keep in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, better after cold storage.Shake it well before drinking it, drink it as soon as possible after opening,or keep it cold. One-year shelf life


Every100 grams

Heat12.8 kcal

Protein0.2 g

Fat0 grams

Saturatedfat 0 grams

Transfat 0 grams

Carbohydrates3 grams

Sodium23 mg


      Product FOB quote USD $ 3.1 yuan per can24 cans per case(1) Order 100 cans for US$ 3.1 yuan per can (2) Order 300 cansfor US$ 2.79 yuan per can (3) Order 500 cans for US$ 2.48 yuan  per can (4) Order 1,000 cans for US$ 2.17 yuanper can (5) ) Order 3,000 cans for US$ 1.86 yuan per can (6) Order 5,000 cansfor US$ 1.55 yuan per can.

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