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Vigor Patent Fish Collagen peptide powder

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    USD 20.00 - USD 20.00 / Pack (500 Gram(s))
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    Max. Order: 10 Pack (500 Gram(s))

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    1-10 USD 20 3 Days
  • Collagen Tripeptide powder :

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     Pack (500 Gram(s))
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    Taiwan, ROC

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Shine the endless beauty           Brand-new Magical


*Excellent Collagen, Essential Peptide



The content of protein is More than 90%

60% Molecules 1000(Da),,

The fast effective of digestion & absorption





*The best effect ofwater-soluble and absorption, suitable for Multiple different dosage formdevelopment.


* Large amount production,Affordable, owns the market competitiveness of price.


*By exclusive patentedprocedure , the content of protein is more than 90%, 60%upon molecules is 1000(Da), don’t be damaged by gastric acid, the fastest absorption effect, it is the perfect collagen peptide.


*Exclusive patented Locationenzymolysis technology, the perfect peptide sequence ratio combined thatGlycine 30%, Proline 10% and Hydroxyproline 10%, the purity of collagen is morethan 80.9%, it’s the top quality.


* By the notarizationinspection approval that the purity is more than 80.9%, Hydroxyproline 10%,it’s the most purity and more nutrition collagen peptide.


*Selecting the source of 100%natural fish-scale, without any Excipient,

 no doubt about the common infectious diseasebetween people and animal(FMD,BSE), it’s the top safety.


*Exclusive patented Peptideprocedure to remove fishy, the best ability of water-soluble, no impurity afterdissolved.

* Intake6 gram in every day and continue to edible for 2 weeks, start the beauty skin,offer elastic,firm and moist, keep the nourish skin’s cell.


l   The important nutrients for joints healthcare, intake 6 gram in everyday , promote soft bone repair, effective postpone the joint degeneration,prevent the calcium flow-out from bone, strengthen Bone density and  Softness, promote the bone health is maintainthe key of activity , it is the top choice for flexible activity.



1. Vigor鱼鳞胶原蛋白三胜产品,有60%以上分子量在1000(Da)以下,吸收效果更快!


2. 皮肤吸收检测试,本产品分子量适合化妆品应用添加。


3. 经专利技术,主成份甘胺酸:脯胺酸:羟脯胺酸比例最完美组合。

4. 胜肽分子小,不易被胃酸破坏。


5. 人体消化吸收蛋白质多以”胜肽”型式吸收,吸收更完整


6. 安全鱼鳞来源,不会有猪(口蹄疫)与牛(狂牛症)的疑虑!

7. 完整检验报告,品质最放心!

8. 专利肽制程去除腥味,水溶性佳,粉末溶解后纯净无杂质,是多种剂型的最佳选择。


9. 高纯度胶原蛋白三胜,连续两周食用,美肤弹润有感,有光亮风采。



10. 胶原蛋白三肽能促进软骨细胞修复、有效延缓关节退化程度,增加骨质密

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Natural food type nutritional supplements give you full of health .. natural no chemical ,,
Our company's products are made of natural herbal fruits and fruits, natural materials due to changes in weather temperature, each batch in the taste and color will be slightly different are normal

This product is shipped before the QC test in line with local standards after the sale. Please feel at ease food.

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