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TOWS high-performing footwear for indoor tug of war games

Founded in 1988, BEING CHAMPION CO., LTD. is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of OEM sports footwear and has been shipping to clients worldwide. In 2003, the company was asked by a world class coach to develop tug-of-war footwear. Back then, imported products were the mainstream in Taiwan, but for the local athletes, they were a burdensome investment. The quality of the footwear could determine the outcome of games, said the coach, so in order for the sport to thrive, there needed to be affordable, high-quality, locally-made products. With that mission in mind, BEING CHAMPION entered the tug-of-war footwear market.

The soles of BEING CHAMPION's tug-of-war footwear are made from a special rubber that can exert great friction on TWIF tug-of-war tracks while optimizing the athlete's performance. In addition to development and manufacturing, BEING CHAMPION created the “TOWS” brand and registered its trademark in Taiwan, Japan and China. The TOWS range is designed for indoor tug-of-war athletes and provides excellent support, grip and comfort.

TOWS began to shine on the international stage in 2010 when the tug-of-war team from Taipei Municipal Jingmei Girls' High School started their global championship winning streaks wearing TOWS. Then, TOWS quickly gained fame throughout Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia. In 2015, the head of TWIF praised TOWS for its exceptional grip and comfort and recommended the footwear to all national teams. Without resting on its laurels, the company recently launched its latest generation “TOWS-3” range featuring advanced micro fiber leather for even better friction, durability and comfort.

Prior to 2009, the cross-border e-commerce market was relatively new, and BEING CHAMPION was mainly focused on developing the domestic market. Today, to serve customers abroad, the company adopted iDealEZ (www.idealez.com) as its online store channel. By offering online credit card payment as one of the payment options and promoting its new products through Facebook, TOWS has developed new European markets including France, UK and Ireland. In addition, BEING CHAMPION has established distribution networks in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Brunei, UK and Ireland to offer even better services to its customers.

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